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Autumn in New York

Autumn provides all manner of opportunities to practice meditation.

At Buddhist Insights we are kickstarting the Fall season with an action-packed meditation schedule including retreats at a biodynamic farm in the Catskills, meditation and chocolate tastings at a chocolate factory in Brooklyn, and a series of day-longs led by visiting monastics.

Brighten your mind with compassion at Tibetan Buddhist nun Khenmo Drolma’s subway sessions, and sharpen your insight at Theravada monk Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu’s Mahasi retreats; or just come practice with us in costume at our Halloween special!

There’s no shortage of events to participate in, so check out our calendar at www.buddhistinsights.eventbrite.com, or send us an email at RSVP@BUDDHISTINSIGHTS.COM

Photo by Bennett Cain

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