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Bhante Rahula

Bhante Rahula was born in California in 1948.  After finishing high school, he spent 3 years in the military; following his time in the army, he spent several years as a wandering hippie, traveling through Europe and Asia.  He first encountered Buddhism in Nepal, where he took a month-long meditation course.  Subsequently, he studied Yoga in India, and became ordained as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka in 1975.  He spent a further 11 years studying Dhamma and practicing solitary meditation in Sri Lanka before moving to West Virginia in 1986 to become the vice-abbot of Bhāvanā Society.  Since 2010 he has been traveling around the globe on an indefinite teaching tour.

He is the author of several books, including his autobiographies “One Night’s Shelter” and “Traversing the Great Himalayas,” and a number of books on meditation and Dhamma. such as “The Way to Peace and Happiness” and  “Breaking Through the Self Delusion.”

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