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Aung Kyaw Htet

By JORN MIDDELBORG * Art AUNG KYAW HTET (Courtesy Thavibu) I have known the Myanmar artist Aung Kyaw Htet for around fifteen years, since the time his daughter was born. He came from a humble beginning, growing up in the Delta Region which is regularly flooded and where rice is the staple crop. Aung Kyaw Htet moved to the capital Yangon to realize his dream of becoming an artist. As with many other Myanmar people, he is an ardent follower of Theravada Buddhism as it is practiced in Myanmar. His art (a glimpse of which one can have in a group show at Agora Gallery in NYC until June 9th) has been profoundly influenced by Buddhism and his experiences with monastic life; much of it portrays Buddhist imagery, such as monks and nuns, often with expressionistic or ethereal backgrounds. We sat down to discuss religion and art prior to his temporary ordination with his son. He and his son plan to be temporarily ordained just after his wife and daughter, and will remain as monks for about ten days. Why …

This month in NYC: Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu and Ayya Yeshe

Join us for meditation classes and Dhamma Talks led by Buddhist monastics. This month, sessions will be led by Bhante Yuttadhammo, Bhante Suddhāso and Ayya Yeshe. Please check for an updated list of our events. In accordance to Theravada Buddhist traditions, all teachings have no price tag and they are offered on a Dana basis. Dana means generosity: the teacher offers the Dana of the teachings, and the students practice Dana by making an offering to support the continuation of the teachings. 

Free Meditation Classes in NYC

Buddhist Insights is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing access to Buddhist teachings as presented by ordained monastics (monks and nuns). The first program provided by Buddhist Insights is a series of weekly free meditation classes featuring preliminary meditation instructions, a period of silent meditation, a talk on topics related to meditation practice, and time for group discussion and questions. All classes are offered free of charge; anyone may attend and no one is turned away.  Funding for these events is provided by free-will donations; if you wish to support the classes, any donation you offer is gladly accepted. Please check for an updated list of our events.