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Khenmo Drolma

Khenmo Drolma is a bhikshuni in the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. She is the abbess of Vajra Dakini Nunnery in Lincoln Vermont. Khenmo Drolma is a heart student of Ven Dhyani, studying with her for over 20 years. She has trained with the foremost spiritual teachers of our time including H.H. Dalai Lama, H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche (head of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage), and Ven Pema Chodron. In 1995 she made a pilgrimage to India and stayed 3 months at Namgyal Monastery studying Tibetan, Lam Rim texts and sand mandalas at the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives. She returned to India in 1996 to take Novice ordination with HH Chetsang Rinpoche. She then received many cycles of Drikung empowerments and made a 5 month retreat in the mountains. Returning to the US she was the Dean of Buddhist studies for Sunray Meditation Society. From there she traveled to Nova Scotia for training at Gampo Abbey and studied with Ven. Pema Chodron. She spent the next two years in shedra studying Buddhist classics of …

Ayya Cittananda

Samaneri Cittananda has spent over ten years on the Buddhist path, after being inspired by a college philosophy class to spend time practicing at monasteries.  After completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and working at a hospital as a registered nurse in Texas, she lived as a monastic at a small Pure Land/Chan monastery in Florida for a year before moving to California. She spent two years living and working in Redwood Valley, made daily visits to Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, and sat several long retreats at various monasteries and meditation centers.  She left Redwood Valley in 2013 in search of a place to ordain as a Theravada nun, spending six months at the Ajahn Chah lineage monasteries in England and Scotland. She also spent seven months at Aloka Vihara in Placerville, helping the nuns settle into their new home and serving the 2015 Winter Retreat there. Sister Cittananda took Anagarika precepts at Karuna Buddhist Vihara in March of 2015, and Samaneri ordination in April of 2016.

Ayya Yeshe

Venerable Yeshe Chodron ordained as a nun in 2001. She discovered Buddhism whilst travelling in Nepal and India at the age of 17 on a search for the meaning of life. Coming back to Australia after a year of study and practice in monasteries, she helped run a Buddhist Centre in Sydney and trained with her teacher Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe for five years while working as well. Upon ordaining as a nun at the age of 23, Venerable Yeshe found that there was very little care or support for Western monastics, people preferring to access Tibetan Lamas who are already trained. She had nowhere to live and had to beg on traditional alms round to get food; she stayed with various friends and in garden sheds. She engaged in teaching Dharma in HIV hospices, schools, drug and alchohol rehab centres; she also trained as a yoga teacher. When she came to India in 2004, Venerable Yeshe studied for two years in a monastery, but felt a need to make Buddhism accessible and socially engaged while …

Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu

Venerable Yuttadhammo (formerly Noah Greenspoon) is a Canadian-born Theravada Buddhist monk, ordained in 2001 under the guidance of Venerable Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Having practicing intensive and daily meditation following the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition since January 2000, he has taught intensive meditation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada since 2003 and gives online teachings via YouTube ( ) both live and pre-recorded, as well as Dhamma talks in both English and Thai to both intensive meditators and by invitation to the general public. Yuttadhammo studied Sanskrit, Pali and Indian Religion at McMaster University and University of Toronto, formal Thai Dhamma, Abhidhamma and Pali studies at Wat Phradhatu Sri Chom Tong and teaches Pali classes to advanced meditators from time to time. He has published two books electronically, How To Meditate: A Beginner’s Guide To Peace ( ) and Lessons in Practical Buddhism ( ).  The former has been translated into several languages including Chinese, Spanish, and Romanian. He has also prepared a Pali Workbook ( ) based on the commentary to first verse of the Dhammapada, and …

Bhante Suddhāso

Bhante Suddhāso is a Buddhist monk living in New York City. Bhante Suddhāso has studied under the guidance of some of the most important names in Western Buddhism, such as Ajahn Pasanno, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Vīradhammo, and Bhante Gunaratana. He was initially trained in Soto Zen Buddhism at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.  Subsequently, he was ordained at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in California, where he was trained in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravāda Buddhism. Since then he has lived at a variety of monasteries from different Buddhist traditions in both rural and urban environments. A dedicated teacher, Bhante Suddhāso has taught to people of all different ages and walks of life, as well as college students of universities like Harvard, New York University, Fordham University, University of Mary Washington, Sarah Lawrence College, and Suffolk County Community College. The co-founder of Buddhist Insights, a new platform using technology to build community and facilitate access to reliable monastic teachings, his work aims to convey Buddhist concepts and their practical applicability to everyday life.