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Retreat Guidelines

HOW TO GET HERE Empty Cloud is located at 29 Ridgeway Avenue in West Orange. Please use the entrance on the far left side corner of the building, by the big sitting monk statue. To learn how to get to the center via public transit from NYC, please click here. WHAT TO BRING Please pack very lightly. Ideally, all your belongings should fit in a small bag or a carry-on suitcase. Sleeping bag or twin sheets and pillow case. Towel and toiletries you expect to use (toothbrush, toothpaste, conditioner, etc.). Water bottle. If you’re a light sleeper, we suggest bringing earplugs. If you would like to bring a food donation, please check Dana list first. Laundry will only be available once a week for retreats longer than 7 days. Please pack accordingly. ARRIVAL AND ACCOMMODATION Upon arrival, you will be asked to relinquish your phone. All communication devices (phones, laptops) need to be shut off during the entire retreat. Please give the email to friends and family for emergency purposes. If you need an …

Chocolate and Meditation

Chocolate is well known for its medicinal value, and among Buddhist monastics it is considered medicine rather than food. Even monks and nuns who follow the ancient tradition of not eating dinner will often eat chocolate in the evening, valuing its ability to gently elevate mood and stimulate mental energy prior to meditation. Dark chocolate is seen not as a food, but rather as a medicine with valuable therapeutic properties that can be eaten at any time of day. Join Bhante Suddhāso for an evening of mindful eating, meditation and chocolate tasting at Raaka Chocolate Factory in Red Hook. At this event, you will learn about how the attitude of renunciation aids in developing non-attachment and how this practice varies from tradition to tradition. The evening will include a Dhamma talk, a period of meditation, and chocolate tasting.  Raaka Chocolate is a chocolate factory that uses ethically sourced organic cacao, produced using sustainable agroforestry. Its products are made in small, hand-crafted batches using raw, unroasted cacao, which preserves the richness and complexity of its flavor. To register, please visit   …

Autumn in New York

Autumn provides all manner of opportunities to practice meditation. At Buddhist Insights we are kickstarting the Fall season with an action-packed meditation schedule including retreats at a biodynamic farm in the Catskills, meditation and chocolate tastings at a chocolate factory in Brooklyn, and a series of day-longs led by visiting monastics. Brighten your mind with compassion at Tibetan Buddhist nun Khenmo Drolma’s subway sessions, and sharpen your insight at Theravada monk Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu’s Mahasi retreats; or just come practice with us in costume at our Halloween special! There’s no shortage of events to participate in, so check out our calendar at, or send us an email at RSVP@BUDDHISTINSIGHTS.COM Photo by Bennett Cain

Art of Living with Khenmo Drolma

When one enters an art gallery, the mind naturally becomes peaceful: as we spend time in a quiet, spacious environment surrounded by beautiful artwork, our ordinary mental turmoil begins to subside. On Sunday July 31st come to the Rockaway Artist Alliance in Fort Tilden to join Ven. Khenmo Drolma, abbess of Vajra Dakini monastery, for a day-long meditation retreat amidst art from the exhibit Forbidden Fruit: Street Art in a National Parkt and Moma PS1’s Rockaway! special outdoor installation by Katharina Grosse. Khenmo Drolma will lead us on an investigation of the mind and its infinite capacity for compassion, utilizing the time-honored meditation techniques of Tibetan Buddhism. CLICK HERE for more details and to purchase tickets   Directions to STUDIO 7 Gallery in Fort Tilden, NY: Subway: – Take Far Rockaway bound A train to Broad Channel Station – Transfer to the Rockaway Park-Beach 116th St bound shuttle train – Get off at Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Station – Take Q 22 bus (Roxbury bound) or Q 35 (Brooklyn bound) – Get off at Rockaway Point Boulevard & Beach …

Wake Up Call at Riis Park

By BUDDHIST INSIGHTS * Art by SAMANTHA CASOLARI * On Saturday July 16th, join us for our first straight-edge party at Riis Park in collaboration with Rockaway Summer. Begin your day with a double dose of healthy hedonism at the beach!  Let your inner energy burst forth with a magical celebration of summer: charge up your mind with mindfulness meditation and rejuvenate your body with vitalizing yoga, then bring your vivacity out with a dance party on the beach and nourishing snacks. CLICK HERE for more details and to purchase tickets   TICKETS: 1) GET FRESH: $10  One Classic Lemonade with Agave by Lizzmonade Free Unlimited Water Free Meditation, yoga and dance party Free superfood snacks and goodies by Dr. Bronners, Raw Indulgence, and Emmy’s Organics. 2) GET HEALTHY: $20  All included in Get Fresh Meal provided by Lizzmonade. (Choose from:Kale Salad with Grain Mustard Apple Vinaigrette & Raw Veggie Lasagna)  Thank you to our sponsors!

Street Retreat

You don’t need to go to a meditation center to do a retreat – the city is full of open spaces! On July 24th join Bhante Suddhāso and the Buddhist Insights crew on a unique retreat experience: meditating in parks, plazas, and subway stations all over New York City! We’ll begin in the morning at a designated starting point; after that, we’ll roam the city together by public transit, stopping periodically for periods of group meditation. If you’re joining late, check out @BUDDHISMNYC on TWITTER to find out where we are. Send us an email: RSVP@BUDDHISTINSIGHTS.COM Sign-up on Not in NYC? Go meditate outdoors, take a picture and tag #STREETRETREAT on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The best picture will be posted on