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Chocolate and Meditation

Chocolate is well known for its medicinal value, and among Buddhist monastics it is considered medicine rather than food. Even monks and nuns who follow the ancient tradition of not eating dinner will often eat chocolate in the evening, valuing its ability to gently elevate mood and stimulate mental energy prior to meditation. Dark chocolate is seen not as a food, but rather as a medicine with valuable therapeutic properties that can be eaten at any time of day.

Join Bhante Suddhāso for an evening of mindful eating, meditation and chocolate tasting at Raaka Chocolate Factory in Red Hook. At this event, you will learn about how the attitude of renunciation aids in developing non-attachment and how this practice varies from tradition to tradition.

The evening will include a Dhamma talk, a period of meditation, and chocolate tasting. 

Raaka Chocolate is a chocolate factory that uses ethically sourced organic cacao, produced using sustainable agroforestry. Its products are made in small, hand-crafted batches using raw, unroasted cacao, which preserves the richness and complexity of its flavor.

To register, please visit www.buddhistinsights.eventbrite.com




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