Buddhist Insights is a not-for-profit 501 C-3 organization that runs entirely on your kind donations.

Help us continue to offer free meditation events and retreats led by Buddhist monastics, by donating in the following ways:

Electronic Donations
Venmo: @BuddhistInsights (no transfer fee)
PayPal: (no transfer fee)

If you wish to make a recurring monthly donation, you may use this form:

Checks may be made payable to “Buddhist Insights Meditation Inc”
As a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, we will be happy to send you a receipt so you can make your donations tax-deductible. Send us an email at with your request.

Other Donations

– You can purchase something for the Summer House on our Amazon Wishlist  

– Whenever you shop on Amazon, if you select “Buddhist Insights Meditation Inc.” on Amazon Smile as your preferred charity, Amazon will donate 5% of the amount you spend to the organization. 

– If you work for a large corporation, there is a good chance your corporation will match any amount you donate to charitable organizations (i.e.: you donate $200, your company will donate an extra $200).

Some of the meditation cushions used by Buddhist Insights have been graciously donated by Kathmandu Yogi, a fair-trade company that deals in meditation cushions and yoga supplies ethically produced by artisans in Nepal.

If you are donationszafuinterested in Kathmandu Yogi’s products and wish to support Buddhist Insights, you may purchase a meditation cushion. For every cushion bought, Kathmandu Yogi will donate one cushion to Buddhist Insights.

You can either purchase one of the consignment items available at our events, or choose one from Kathmandu Yogi’s website ( If you purchase an item on Kathmandu Yogi’s website, please make sure to tell them that it is in support of Buddhist Insights.