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Kathina Celebration

October 11 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

Join us for the traditional Kathina celebration, a day of appreciation, community, and generosity

It is a blessing to have Buddhist monastics nearby, and this is exactly what the traditional Buddhist holiday called Kathina celebrates. Organized by lay members of the community, Kathina marks the end of the Vassa, a three-month period during which Buddhist monastics commit to living in one location, focusing on study, meditation, and teaching the lay community. When the Vassa comes to an end, the lay community responds by expressing their appreciation through gifts to support the monastic community. All are welcome to join us for all or part of the day.

As the Empty Cloud Monastery community has grown, there is a number of items that are needed to support the new monastics as well as to continue upkeep of the monastery building. You may find a list of required items at: http://bit.ly/emptycloudkathina and below.

The gathering will begin at 10am outdoors, when people are invited to bring food to share and set up for the potluck lunch at 11am. After lunch will be the offering ceremony (when robes and other supplies are offered to the monastics), followed by a Dhamma talk and blessing ceremony then a sangha gathering for socializing.

As the event will be outdoors, please wear a mask/face covering, warm clothing, and bring something comfortable to sit on.


10:00am: Introductory Remarks

10:45am: Prepare Potluck Food Offering

11:00am: Shared Community Meal

12:45pm: Kathina Offering Ceremony

1:30pm: Dhamma Talk

2:30pm: Sangha Gathering

4:00pm: End of the Day


Please contact the lay organizer, Benz, at wanidaskim@gmail.com before and after you choose an item to offer, so as to keep track of donated items.

>> Clothing/Requisites

  • 2 x Sanghati (cotton)
  • 3 x Uniqlo Mens Heattech Crewneck Long-sleeved T-shirt, small, red
  • Sweatshirts (100% cotton, brown or dark red, size small and medium)
  • 4x Winter gloves (brown or dark red)
  • OVER-THE-KNEE or KNEE-HIGH Socks (brown or dark red)
  • Birkenstock Women’s Arizona Vegan Size EU38 / US7.5
  • 2 x Dr. Martens Winter Boot 2976, size US 11 / EUR 45
  • High-Quality Reusable Chopsticks (3 pairs)
  • Thermometer (Medical)
  • N95 Masks

>> Books

Pāli Canon books, in the Pāli language:

  • Saṁyutta Nikāya (Complete Set) https://store.pariyatti.org/Samyutta-Nikaya_p_2153.html
  • Dhammapada https://store.pariyatti.org/Dhammapada-Pali_p_1959.html
  • Itivuttaka https://store.pariyatti.org/Itivuttaka-Pali_p_2002.html
  • Sutta-Nipāta https://store.pariyatti.org/Sutta-Nipata_p_2173.html
  • Udāna https://store.pariyatti.org/Udana-Pali_p_2188.html
  • Theragātha & Therīgatha https://store.pariyatti.org/Theragatha-and-Therigatha_p_2179.html
  • Vinaya-Piṭaka (Complete Set) https://store.pariyatti.org/Vinaya-Pitaka_p_2199.html
  • Women in Early Buddhism by Alice Collett
  • Women Under Primitive Buddhism by I.B. Horner
  • Several Books of Library of Tibetan Classics
  • Middle Length Discourses, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Numerical Discourses, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Connected Discourses, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Madhyama Āgama Vol. II, by Bhikkhu Analayo

>> Toiletries

  • Ionic Toothbrush x 3
  • Mineral Spray Deodorant x 12 (click here)

>> Medicine

  • Omega3 Supplements (click here)
  • Garden of Life Vitamin D
  • Garden of Life Iron

>> Monastery Items

  • Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent
  • Solar Landscape Spotlights (click here)
  • Chanteclair Degreaser (click here)
  • Chanteclair Floor Degreaser (click here)
  • “Ryobi One+” Cordless Tool Battery
  • Organic Nuts
  • Organic Nut Butters
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Buddhist Wall Art (such as Chinese Buddhist scrolls)


October 11
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Empty Cloud
29 Ridgeway Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052
West Orange, NJ 07052 US
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