Ways to Give

Donating to Buddhist Insights sustains our organization and allows us to grow and continue to spread the Dhamma via retreats, workshops and weekly classes that are offered free of charge to all participants. Your generosity makes it possible for Buddhist Insights to exist. With your help, we can continue to work for the benefit of all beings.

Monthly Giving – A recurring gift that sustains Buddhist Insights Click Here
By choosing to give a set amount monthly, you join our Sustainers Circle and help to maintain our organization’s home in West Orange, NJ and support our ability to offer a full and varied retreat schedule. Your gift is automatically transferred from your credit card once a month. You choose how much you would like to give each month and the gift can be changed or cancelled at any time. Your donation is safe, secure and easy. (Read More…)

One-Time Donations: Gifts to support, honor and appreciate Click Here
You may choose to make a one-time donation to show appreciation for a retreat or program that has benefitted you or others, to honor somebody in the organization or just to benefit Buddhist Insights and to support the work of its teachers and practitioners. One-time donations might recognize a particular building project or a special event or occasion. These donations can be made easily online via credit card, or via Paypal, Venmo or Facebook. (Read More…)


“… giving has a particularly intimate connection to the entire movement of the Buddha’s path. For the goal of the path is the destruction of greed, hate
and delusion, and the cultivation of generosity directly debilitates greed and hate, while facilitating that pliancy of mind that allows for the eradication of delusion.”

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi