Finding Silence in Italy

A Meditation Retreat and Monastic Pilgrimage in the Heart of Italy

Italy has an ancient monastic history, dating back over 1500 years; the practice of living a spiritual life in community with others has long been present in the culture, and has made a deep mark on its cultural landscape. This summer we’ll be spending a week participating in that tradition of tranquility in two ways: by engaging in a silent meditation retreat led by Buddhist monk Bhante Suddhāso; and by visiting several of the oldest monasteries in Italy – still fully functional – starting with the Franciscans of Assisi and moving on to explore other ancient places of contemplation throughout Umbria and Tuscany.

♦ AUGUST 16-21 ♦ STARTING FROM $990 ♦

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-6 days, 5 nights
-5 Nights accommodation at Terzo di Danciano
-Daily Meditation Sessions
-2 Days of Intensive Meditation sessions
-Three meals a day made with organic food locally sourced in Tuscany
-Shared Transportation to/from Rome Airport
-Field-Trips to Assisi and Christian monasteries
-Local Hiking and Meditation Sessions
-Free Time to enjoy the pool and the Tuscan countryside
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Right in the heart of Italy, Umbria is a region known for its rolling hills, majestic mountains, and historic villages – including the world-famous Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis: a Christian monk known for his practice of poverty and his deep compassion for animals. It’s also known for its slow-paced, peaceful lifestyle – which perhaps makes it unsurprising that it has so often been chosen as the ideal place for spiritual retreat. We’ll be diving into the tranquility of the region with a traditional Buddhist meditation retreat, during which we’ll spend our days doing sitting meditation and walking meditation, listening to Dharma talks and engaging in Q&A sessions, and soaking in the peaceful splendor of nature. And when we’re not engaging in our own monastic practice, we’ll be venturing out to explore monasteries in the region to see how a life of concentration, contemplation, and compassion has been lived in the area for over a thousand years.


Early Bird Prices 
-Shared Accommodation $990
-Double Room Accommodation $1200 per person (Total $2400 per couple)
-Single Room Accommodation $2000 per person
(All rooms have en-suite bathrooms)


Dana for teacher is not included. Pricing above covers lodging and operational costs. Please consider offering Dana (a donation) to sustain Bhante Suddhaso’s teachings.

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Our time in Italy will be spent at Terzo di Danciano, a charming 18th-century villa high in the hills of Umbria, overlooking the beautiful Pierle Valley on the border of Tuscany. Far from the noise and haste of the towns, filled with bright and spacious bedrooms to rest in, and a large meditation hall for deep practice, it’s the ideal venue for our cultivation of concentration and serenity. And when you need a break it also has a swimming pool and a veranda in the garden where you can relax into the peacefulness of the natural environment.

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Trip includes: 6 Nights accommodation at Terzo di Danciano, Daily Meditation Sessions, 2 Days of Intensive Meditation sessions, Three meals a day made with locally sourced organic food, Shared Transportation to/from Rome Airport, Field-Trips to Assisi and Christian monasteries, Local Hiking and Meditation Sessions, Free Time to enjoy the pool and the Tuscan countryside.

Trip does not include: Airfare, Tips, or other optional excursions and classes not included. Transfer Rome Airport included.