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Bhante Saddhasara

Bhante Saddhasara joined the Mahamevnwa Meditation Monastery in Sri Lanka in 2005, became a novice in 2006 under Ven. Kiribatgoda Gnanananda Thero, and after two years of study and practice, attained High Ordination in 2009.  After three more years of study, he had begun to develop a deep understanding of insight and tranquility techniques.  In 2012 he was asked to begin and to organize a meditation center in Tampa, Florida to provide training to all those who wished to learn.  The center was to be non-denominational; anyone of any religion could come and study the practices.  Bhante Saddhasara also offered a Recovery Program for those suffering from addiction; an introductory mindfulness program for children; a prison program; and, throughout Florida and throughout the U.S.A, he also gave lectures and provided mindfulness and meditation teaching, as well as private counseling to adults and to youths of all ages.  Bhante Saddhasara speaks fluent English and very much enjoys the back and forth of his conversations with Americans.

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