Alms Round (Pindapata) at West Orange Farmers’ Market

West Orange Farmers Market 80 Main Street, West Orange, NJ 07052, West Orange

Our resident monastics will be at West Orange Farmers Market on pindapata, the Buddhist practice of collecting alms food from 9am-10.00am. Buddhist monks and nuns rely on the generosity of others. Pindapata is a traditional practice where lay people offer food to monastics to sustain their spiritual practice.If you'd like to make an offering to the Empty Cloud monastics, you will be able to spot them at the market between the times of 9am-10.00am.

Meditation on the Lawn

Empty Cloud 29 Ridgeway Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052, West Orange

Gather safely in the front lawn of Empty Cloud Monastery and practice meditation with Buddhist monks. The Buddha often encouraged practitioners to meditate outdoors, at the foot of a tree or in wilderness groves. Not only does nature offer peace and seclusion, but the serenity of outdoor spaces often has a soothing effect on the mind—which forms the basis for deep concentration. Join us for weekly outdoor meditation, where we will gather safely on the front lawn of Empty Cloud Monastery. After guided meditation and a Dhamma talk, we will leave space for Q&A and discussion.COVID-19 precautions: To ensure the safety of all participants, we will be practicing social distancing during the event. Please wear a face mask at all times, and bring all the supplies you will need to comfortably practice outside, which may include a blanket, cushion, insect repellent, and bottled water, etc. Unfortunately we cannot provide access to restrooms at this time.

Connecting people with monastics