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Free Weekend Retreat

As the calm of winter gives way to the energetic vivacity of spring and the frantic heat of summer, it’s time to establish a solid foundation for our mind, to keep it grounded in the midst of accelerating activity. Devoting an extended length of time to developing tranquility and mindful awareness is an excellent way to stabilize the mind by means of careful attention to our bodies. This weekend retreat offers us the opportunity to do just that, with several periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and yoga, all intended to aid us in reestablishing a firm connection with our physical experience.

The main teacher for the event is Bhante Suddhāso, a local Buddhist monk, who will guide us in the process of taming our restless minds and regaining a sense of presence and attentive serenity.

There is no charge for participating in this retreat (donations are welcome to sustain teachers, as well as fund free classes and retreats led by Buddhist monks and nuns).

Participants may attend as much or as little of the schedule as they wish. Shall you wish to stay overnight, you can purchase tickets below to stay at the Rockaway Retreat House (see info on rooms below) or arrange for your own accomodation in the area.  Vegetarian meals will be served using organic ingredients and featuring desserts made locally by The Paleo Factory. You are welcome to eat at the Retreat House or arrange for your own meals.


– 8 Bunk Beds

– 1 Single Room (Pet-free and can accomodate up to 2 people)

If you are looking for accomodation in the area, we can provide other information on how to find where to stay in Rockaway Beach.



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